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Controlling collisional loss and scattering lengths of ultracold dipolar molecules with static electric fields [dataset] Open Access

Trapped samples of ultracold molecules are often short-lived, because close collisions between them result in trap loss. We investigate the use of shielding with static electric fields to create repulsive barriers between polar molecules to prevent such loss. Shielding is very effective even for RbCs, with a relatively low dipole moment, and even more effective for molecules such as NaK, NaRb and NaCs, with progressively larger dipoles. Varying the electric field allows substantial control over the scattering length, which will be crucial for the stability or collapse of molecular Bose-Einstein condensates. This arises because the dipole-dipole interaction creates a long-range attraction that is tunable with electric field. For RbCs, the scattering length is positive across the range where shielding is effective, because the repulsion responsible for shielding dominates. For NaK, the scattering length can be tuned across zero to negative values. For NaRb and NaCs, the attraction is strong enough to support tetraatomic bound states, and the scattering length passes through resonant poles where these states cross threshold. For KAg and CsAg, there are multiple bound states and multiple poles. For each molecule, we calculate the variation of scattering length with field and comment on the possibilities for exploring new physics.


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Creator: Mukherjee, Bijit 1
Creator: Hutson, Jeremy M. 1
1 Durham University, UK
Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
Research methods
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Includes Fortran code and figure data files.
Ultracold collisions between dipolar molecules
Static electric field shielding
Controlling scattering lengths
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Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY)

Durham University
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