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The tool / service: 

Collections is the University's Research Data Repository

Brief description:

Publish your (anonymised) research data in the data repository, and create a permanent link between your research paper and your research data.

Cool features:

  • Cite your research data easily by DOI.
  • Comply with funder requirements for publishing research data.
  • For large and complex datasets, create a collection containing a number of smaller items.

When to use it:

When your paper is accepted for review or publication and when you have less than 700 Gb of research data.

Example usage:

  • Typical dataset:
    Marochov, M, and Carbonneau, P. (2020): Image Classification of Marine-terminating Outlet Glaciers Using Deep Learning Methods: Pre-trained Models. Durham University. (dataset).  DOI:
  • Largest dataset collection (640 Gb) containing sixty items:Breckon, T.P., Li, L., Ismail, K., Shum, H. (2021):  DurLAR: A High-Fidelity 128-Channel LiDAR Dataset with Panoramic Ambient and Reflectivity Imagery for Multi-Modal Autonomous Driving Applications.  Durham University.  (dataset).  Link to collection:

 Library guidance: 

            Please read our guidance on publishing research data in this repository.