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Splitting of two-component solitons from collisions with narrow potential barriers [dataset]

We consider the interaction of two component bright-bright solitons with a narrow potential barrier (splitter) in the framework of the two-component Gross-Pitaevskii (nonlinear-Schroedinger) system, with self-attraction within each component and cross-attraction between the components, motivated by the splitting of composite solitons facilitiating the design of two-component soliton-interferometer schemes. We determine approximate analytic results by assuming a weak potential barrier and applying perturbation theory to the limit where the system becomes integrable. We do this for the case of negligible interspecies interactions, and also when the nonlinearities are strongly asymmetric, such that the wavefunction for the component with a smaller population is solved by neglecting its self-interaction term and the other component constitutes a bright soliton. We use numerical simulations to find the transmissions of both components in regions outside of these approximations and to compare with the approximate analytics, finding that there is an appreciable parameter range where one component is essentially entirely transmitted and the other reflected.


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  1 November 2019 Open Access
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