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  1. Data for Bertrand paper

    Title: Data for Bertrand paper
    Contributors: Data collector: Liu, Zhenning (Durham University, United Kingdom)
    Contact person: Liu, Zhenning (Durham University, United Kingdom)
    Creator: Liu, Zhenning (Durham University, United Kingdom)
    Description: Each row of the file represents one segment. The first two columns are x-coordinates and y-coordinates of beginning points of each segment and the third, fourth columns are coordinates of endpoints. The fifth and sixth columns are m and b values of the straight line function y=mx+b of segments.
    Keywords: Bertrand, experiment
    Date Uploaded:
  2. PhD DataBank

    Title: PhD DataBank
    Contributors: Creator: Arron Briddick
    Keywords: Surfactant Polymer Segregation
    Date Uploaded: